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It is Our Job to Help You

About Absolut

Our Approach is different

  • Build robust and lasting relationships

  • Attention to detail

  • Clear understanding of our clients business and recruiting needs

  • Pride ourselves in rapid turnaround times and overall service levels

Why choose our services

At Absolut Career Personnel, we are equipped to assess candidates’ skills and abilities and we are able to best match their personalities to your culture. By sifting and sorting, we save you, our valued customer, time and money.

The following information is very important when matching an absolute candidate suited to your job requirements:


  • Verbal skills and presentation skills

  • Communication skills / Social skills

  • Real reasons for leaving

  • Strength of character

Due to the competitive nature of your business, successful organisations focus on their core business and outsource their staffing and recruitment needs to professionals. Much time and effort can be wasted as screening process is often lengthy and in some cases, bears no results.

Our process

Much time and effort can be wasted as screening process is often lengthy and in some cases, bears no results.

As our core business is recruiting, we are geared to take the pain out of the recruitment process for our clients by presenting them with a handful of shortlisted and suitable applicants that meet their job spec and requirements.


We pride ourselves in a very high quality CV which makes for easy reading and highlighting the key attributes and skills of the candidates, providing you with as much relevant information as possible, without presenting you with pages and pages of irrelevant information.

Our obligation

We don't just place people: We strive to from strategic partnerships with our clients and ensure we have a thorough understanding of their business, corporate culture, strategic imperatives and specific needs.


We provide our clients with talent to succeed: Talent attraction, resource optimization, job satisfaction and outstanding performance are just some of the key deliverables to you, our valued client.


We keep our services personal: Due to our specialized focus and ABSOLUTE commitment to our clients we are able to enhance the quality of service delivery by placing the right person the first time!

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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